Rais Opus Wood Stove
Rais Opus Wood StoveRais Opus Wood Stove

Rais Opus Wood Stove

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The Rais Opus is discontinued.
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Product Description

Straight. Spectacular. Efficient.

Like a majestic, minimalistic sculpture, the Rais Opus invites you to live life to the full and enjoy cozy hours that just go on and on. It is pure craftsmanship from the inside out, a high-tech marvel that ensures fuel efficiency and takes care of the environment through optimal combustion. A 2008 Vesta Award winning high-tech masterpiece, Rais Opus is chock-full of easy-to-use design innovations that maximize fuel efficiency and celebrate the heartwarming art of fire.

Opus is for the choosy consumer, who refuses to compromise, whether it be on aesthetics, functionality or quality. It is in a stylish class of its own – one of life’s little indulgences.

In this distinctive Rais stove, nothing clouds your view of the dancing flames. Rais’s advanced air-supply system keeps the glass pane completely clean by pulling pre-heated air on the inside of the glass, a method known as the air-wash system. This advanced air-supply system also makes it easy to adjust combustion and allows you to regulate the heat as you wish.

Exceptionally efficient, with an extra large firebox. Designed with straight lines and angles. Unique glass door.


Available in grey, or black (not pictured above).

There is an additional option to add the Accumulstone soapstone mass weighing 220lbs which sits inside the stove and collects heat as the fire burns and then radiates it out over time, moderating heat output and making for a more comfortable, longer lasting fire.

The Opus comes standard with an Outside Air System, and a 360° turntable to rotate the stove. Top flue outlet only.


Stove Weight: 397 lbs
Optional ‘Accumulstone’ Soapstone Thermal Mass: 220 lbs
Stove exterior (W/D/H): 19.5″ / 19.1″ / 63.0″
Firebox interior (W/D/H): 14.6″ / 15.0″ / 16.2″
Heating capacity at -20°C/-4°F: Approx 1000 Square Feet
Recommended wood quantity: 2-3 logs of 10″ in length each 3.3 lbs
Flue gas mass flow: 6.4 grams per second
Flue gas temperature: 450°F
Single wall connector stove pipe: 6″
Chimney pipe – class A, UL-103 HT: 6″
Optimal thermal output: 17 kBTU
Min./Max. output: 12 – 23 kBTU
Minimum stove draft pressure at above output: 0.048″WC (12 Pa)
Tested EPA emission particulate rate: 5.7 grams/hour
Outlet: Top outlet only.
Outside Air System: Standard (ducting not included)
Turntable: 360° Standard

Minimum clearances to combustible walls:

Sidewall to unit: 7″
Backwall to unit: 5″
Cornerwall to unit: 1″
Sidewall to connector: 14″
Backwall to connector: 11″
Cornerwall to connector: 11″
Ceiling to appliance: 9″
Distance to frontwall/furnishing: 43″

Download the Opus Owners Manual