Rais Gabo Gas II Stove
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Rais Gabo Gas 3 Stove

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The Rais Gabo Gas 3 is discontinued and sold out.
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Product Description

Unique. Convenient. Beautiful. Quality.

The unique Gabo Gas II stove has beautiful crafted ceramic logs and embers and burns with a natural fire. It is safe and clean to use, and unlike real logs, gas burning does not create ashes or soot particles. The innovative control system for this stove makes heat adjustment a very simple matter.

The Gabo Gas II has been designed according to the best of the Rais traditions where design, quality, functionality and safety are the four corner-stones of all our production.

The Rais Gabo is a new-generation stove that embodies a unique, clean and simple design that is easy to use. Designed without an ash pan and shaker grate, Rais Gabo has a totally-sealed firebox that ensures optimal combustion control. This stove can be enhanced with a turntable, a flexible solution that adds dynamism to any living space and allows for a clear view of the fire and its flames from anywhere in the room.

The convection grate on the Rais Gabo provides an art deco touch and comes in matching black, gray, or stainless steel. The stove can be further accessorized with a heat-retaining soapstone top plate that provides a contrast to the stove body and continues to emanate heat long after the fire is burnt to mere embers.

*This stove also comes with a conversion kit to run on liquid propane instead of normal natural gas for no additional charge.


Available in black or grey.
Top or back flue outlet.
Optional soapstone top plate for $720.
Optional stainless steel convection grille for $300.


Stove Weight: 309 lbs
Stove exterior (W/D/H): 21 1/8″ / 18 1/8″ / 39 5/8″
Heating capacity: Approx 1000 Square Feet
Pipe diameter: 6″
Approved direct-vent pipe: Simpson DuraVent GS, AmeriVent Direct, Selkirk DT
Min./Max. output: 12 – 31 kBTU
Approved for installation without modification up to 2000 ft. elevation.
Modification allows installation at higher elevations.
Outlet: Top or back outlet.

Minimum clearances to combustible walls:

Sidewall to unit: 6″
Backwall to unit: 2″
Cornerwall to unit: 4″
Ceiling to appliance: 35″

Download the Gabo Gas Owners Manual