Rais Mino II Wood Stove
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Rais Mino II Wood Stove

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The Rais Mino 2 is discontinued and sold out.

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Product Description

Compact. Stunning. Sophisticated. Functional.

The Rais Mino II is a small, efficient and sophisticated stove with a glass door that offers a fascinating view of the fire and its flames. Rais Mino features firewood storage and baking bay. The rounded front and straight sides allow this stove to be used practically anywhere.

Petite in size, the Rais Mino II is ideal for small spaces, such as a bedroom, kitchen or home office. The Outside Air System exclusive to Rais ensures the correct distribution of incoming primary and secondary air for optimal combustion, providing excellent heat regardless of the size of the Rais Mino II.

This stove comes standard with a functional soapstone baking compartment, elegant heat-retaining soapstone top an sides, and a steel door.

Like all Rais stoves the Rais Mino II is equipped with a patented air-cooled stainless steel handle to keep hands burn-free.


Available in black or grey.
Top or back flue outlet.
Standard Outside Air System.


Stove Weight: 456 lbs
Stove exterior (W/D/H): 20.1″ / 18.1″ / 39.4″
Firebox interior (W/D/H): 13.2″ / 11.4″ / 13.6″
Heating capacity at -20°C/-4°F: Approx 1100 Square Feet
Recommended wood quantity: 2-3 logs of 12″ in length each, 3.3 lbs
Single wall connector stove pipe: 6″
Chimney pipe – class A, UL-103 HT: 6″
Optimal thermal output: 23 kBTU
Min./Max. output: 12 – 23 kBTU
Efficiency: 75+%
Emissions: 4.7 grams
Flue gas temperature: 475°F
Minimum stove draft pressure at above output: 0.048″WC (12 Pa)
Tested EPA emission particulate rate: 4.7 grams/hour
Outlet: Top or back outlet
Outside Air System: Standard
Turntable: None

Minimum clearances to combustible walls:

Sidewall to unit: 13″
Backwall to unit: 6.5″
Cornerwall to unit: 6″
Sidewall to connector: 20″
Backwall to connector: 12″
Cornerwall to connector: 14″
Ceiling to appliance: 43.5″
Distance to frontwall/furnishing: 34″

Download the Mino II Owners Manual